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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

Om Beach, This Side of Paradise

Well, just a bit of an update while before I get a boat to Paradise Beach. I took a grueling 26 hour bus trip from Ernakulum to Mangalore to Gokarna last night without any sleep and a very wasted constitution. I am now in the last state I will visit here, my days being in the single digit count now. The state name is Karnataka, by the way, and this is beach area outside the main town and beach named Gokarna -- the progressively less-commercialized Om, Half-Moon, and Paradise to the south, and the northward "secret" Honey beach, which is probably the place to be, but I'm already too far south to go back now. Besides, I've located an out-of-the-way place with less rave listenin', bong hittin', dour lookin' groups of Israelis and more friendly people in a place just past the jagged rocks of Half-Moon beach. Appropriately, it is called Paradise Beach. I plan on being here for a couple of days, and then making my final return to Mumbai for a shopping extravagrancy before I'm back in the U.S.S.A. If you want something in particular here, now's the time to tell me, people.

Until then, I'll be living outside the grid, thankfully. I will get back with all you sometime Saturday when I get back after another punishing bus experience from Mangalore to Mumbai for the final Hurrah and Closing of the Circle for my trip. A little caveat on the bus ride directed to Rajiv: I should have listened to your advice and planned my Konkan train ride a month ago-- the Goan visitor scene, which is ragin' for Christmas season and definitely worth avoiding, has caused every single train trip from Ernakulum to Mumbai to be booked -- bummer --with a waiting list of up to one hundred in some cases-- double bummer. Guess I won't be taking the train anymore. I'm gonna kinda miss that side-to-side swishing motion.

Well, if traveling by bus and train makes you a little more Indian each time you do it, I reckon I'm about 75% pure Indian now. But I would have liked to have earned that distinction in some other, less kinetic ways I'm sure.
I took a great trek this morning with a horrible choice of footwear (flip-flops, what was I thinking?) up the craggy terrain of the small jutting cliffs that overlook the ocean and ended up far away from the scene of overtoursity Om beach, and at last a place where only real effort or knowlege from the locals would get you there. Paradise even. I should really get out there and start doing nothing, so I'll talk to you soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, Doug here. As you know I am as about as internet literate as an unborn baby. This is my first attempt at reaching you via the WWW. I have enjoyed reading very much your journal of times and travels. One of my co-workers has kept up and enjoyed your writings very much. If you choose to pick up any little trinket for me, I will reimburse you gladly on Xmas Eve. If you so desire to pick anything up for Jennifer, Dylan and Chelsea, I will take care of that as well. I know you have a lifetime of great memories and a trip forever. Please travel safely and enjoy the rest of your time. We look forward to your return and seeing you.

Take care,

December 15, 2004 at 11:23 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Tim, This is Rajiv. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your postings. It seems you have seen more of India than I have :-). Deb and I sometimes talk about your trip. Enjoy rest of your stay and have a safe flight back. Best Wishes.

December 19, 2004 at 1:43 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Paradise is all about doing nothing.

Speaking of which, nothing has happened to your apartment. Your car still runs. I can't remember, do you have a jar of mayo in your fridge or should I stock it?

luv, brian

December 19, 2004 at 6:15 PM


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