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Monday, December 20, 2004

Real Time-- End of the Trip-- Hooray fer Bollywood!

Hey Everyone,

It's good to be back on the grid, I guess, and back in my home away from home-- Mumbai. It's weird, I think I could live in this massive city, where I can do anything at any time, find anything I want, utilize public transportation-- hell, I even got a job here! I could probably do this big city, I suppose. But I miss my peoples back in the states, and I'm really looking forward to getting back with all my goodicious gifts to shower upon them.

The job I'm referring to is voiceover work for a studio here that specializes in animated movies and other more industrial projects, as well as translating into Hindi most American television programs. Leela, the Director of the program, is a former Bollywood singer and recording artist, and keeps an impressive office and recording studio in a northern area of Mumbai called Andheri West, which is fairly close to Film City, where the Bollywood magic happens. I went in for a voice test on Saturday, and they wanted me to play the part of Monkey God Hanuman in a feature length picture about Vishnu; boy, that totally had my Planet of the Apes psyche psyched. Alas, it is probably not to be, simply because I'm leaving tonight. I'll probably end up doing something less glamorous, like some voiceover work for an online tutorial about Help Desks and Call Centers (holy outsourcing!) that will be used here. Apparently, having an American accent in India is a pretty hot commodity-- at the very least, my work will pay for room, board and all the food I eat in Mumbai this weekend. Needless to say, the trip has exceeded my expectations in every possible way.

Well, like it says in the title, this is the real time end of the trip, but I will start adding posts when I get back in the states, in particular a Tim's Trip Index that reads like Harper's, and hopefully, with the help of Bri, I can include these and other writings along with an expanded photo gallery on the website I will be launching in 2005-- timlandia.net!

Well gosh, it's been a great one, and I'm glad I took you along for the ride. I hope you caught a little of the rush I was feeling-- at times, it felt great to just spew it out-- I even like the misspellings and run ons and messed up grammar-- it seems straight out of my consciousness to you at times, no filter-- and isn't that what blogs are about?

Thanks for my caregivers back in Austin, in more ways than one, Brian and Melissa, for making me feel like home was being looked after (uh, no mayo, please-- I think that was a momentary lapse of Pink Floyd, or something like that); Nina and Rajiv for good advice about Konkan and Eunuchs, Dad and Ann for being around almost every time I called, same for Laura; Werner for Kingfishers and "the flipping of the switch," Toyo for the brilliant insight connecting Thali and macrobiotic food; Kuma and Wolfgang for chillums, Jalendra and Pappu for the Palitana, Mr Jain for the excellent Thalis and dinner conversations, Amma for restoring my groove, Sebin Vaddakkan for breaking down the South Indian Thali in Ernakulum, Bhavesh for being a friend in Diu-- you have a great future I'm sure-- knock 'em dead in Pune; Josh Goodman for the excellent Argentine music info and Shiva Moon tip, Mr Balloo, for the mad dash to the cigarette stand during that stop in Tamil Nadu, Manoj Bhatt at the phone booth-sized Graffitty Cyber Cafe in the Fort area of Mumbai, for taking care of my thousand-plus photos and offering pretty kick-ass surfing speed consistently; and for all the people I didn't mention-- I'm sure you'll get into this offering at some point, as I plan to write in more detail about this epic journey.

I leave for Amsterdam tonight at 1:30-- wish me luck, and I see you soon!




Blogger Ba said...

I am glad that you visited India. Interesting exprerience that will last for a life time.
This is Ba Than (remembered Tulsa 1975 and College Hill Pres. Church). Best of luck to you. Happy New Year 2005.

December 25, 2004 at 6:40 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go back. Go back and write some more so I
who am still-bound on my mental ass can enjoy
you living my life for me.
Come on Tim. Be a good guy.
All you gotta do is turn around.
Harvey Sid

December 27, 2004 at 9:39 PM


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